Organic, spontaneous, sexy dances progress chronologically from Afro-Cuban Santería rumba through mambo, cha-cha-chá, salsa, breakdancing, and reggaeton. The broader history of Cuba is revealed in the moves. Palpable and transporting, this live-action VR documentary was filmed on location in Cuba and features Ballet de la Televisión Cubana.

A History of Cuban Dance premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.



Here Be Dragons, Broad Green Pictures, Boxspring Entertainment

Lucy Walker

Patrick Milling-Smith, Samantha Storr, Tamsin Glasson, Julian Cautherley

Executive Producers
Chris Milk, Lucy Walker, Maria Bello, Toby Gough, Daniel Hammand, Gabriel Hammand, Victor Moyers, Alasdair Munn, Clare Munn

Jeffrey Abramson, Brian Johnston, Jason Tobias, Juan Carlos Zaldivar

Line Producer
Lauren Simpson

Director of Photography
Lucas Gath

Additional Photography
Julian Cautherley, Lucy Walker, Juan Carlos Zaldivar

Livio Sanchez, Luis Lopez, Daniel Oberle

Assistant Editors
John Carner, Christian Sharaf

VR Sound Production
Q Department




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