During Paris Fashion Week, the second edition of WAVES took over the ASICS House. The concept: transforming the basement of ASICS House Paris, located just a stone’s throw from the Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th arrondissement, into a veritable temple of Japanese music. The event also showcased the new line of sneaker, the Asics Tiger, using a new revolutionary gel substance. Monochrome created an interactive VR experience to entertain the young and trendy audience. 

Using Unreal software, Monochrome produced a real-time experience using Oculus Touch. In the experience, the viewer can grab one the 3 models and be teleported into an immersive universe. Inside each world, which is a poetic and surrealistic view of the brand, the viewer can play and interact with many elements surrounding them.

This project has been performed in cooperation with Unrated.



Monochrome's Reel