Hello, Again is an entirely new way for fans to experience a reimagining of David Bowie's classic "Sound and Vision" by Beck. In his inaugural Virtual Reality piece, Chris Milk  created an interactive 360-degree version of the performance that allowed online viewers to navigate a once in a lifetime performance.

The concept was born out of a desire to merge something old with something new. The team used specialized camera rigs that shot in every direction, giving the viewer a full 360º field of view. The team also used sound equipment that mimicked the architecture of the human ear. None of this had been attempted before, so we were paving the road we were speeding down.

We quickly realized that all this technical innovation we were wielding wasn’t going to work with a traditional concert structure. Concerts of old are a 2D experience, where audiences face a stage and get blasted with music coming from one direction. We opted to create a 3D experience, built from concentric circles. With Beck at the center, we positioned musicians and audience members around the circular stage. Three camera systems were placed around the space. Audiences who experienced the concert in VR had the opportunity to jump around to different perspectives throughout the performance. 



Chris Milk's Reel