The Mr. Robot Virtual Reality Experience is a 12-minute film starring Rami Malek in his Emmy® winning role as cyber security engineer turned vigilante hacker, Elliot Alderson, and takes viewers on a flashback journey with Elliot as he remembers his first date with love interest, Shayla. The decision to tell the story of this early encounter in virtual reality was deliberate; the narrative effectively leverages the medium's immersive storytelling capabilities to amplify the feelings of presence, intimacy and empathy in ways that television would never allow. Esmail's atmospheric writing and direction create a poignant, cinematic experience infused with inescapable melancholy as the characters visit locales such as the Coney Island Boardwalk and Wonder Wheel, which have become staples of the show. The film isn't simply a technical demo or a gimmick to drive fan engagement; it's a legitimate storytelling experience that authentically captures the tone and sensibilities of the series in an entirely new medium.


The Mr. Robot Virtual Reality Experience premiered at San Diego Comic-Con with a live simulcast viewing with the show's cast at Petco Park and via the Within app for those not in San Diego. Participating fans were instructed in advance to download the Mr. Robot Virtual Reality Experience from the Within app, which would be made playable once the simulcast officially kicked off. USA Network was able to control the timing of the video's release and make an event out of the premiere, enabling over 20,000 fans across the globe –including over 1,100 in Petco Park—to take part in the largest VR simulcast ever.

Immediately after the simulcast, the film disappeared from the Within platform. But Comic-Con attendees still had more chances to watch. Day after day, fans lined up outside a storefront in downtown San Diego that USA Network had transformed into an authenticate replication of the Mr. Robot Computer Repair Shop, featured in the series, as well as Elliot's apartment—the location where the VR film begins and ends. The activation served as the venue where fans could experience, and truly get immersed in, the narrative.

But it didn't stop there. To let fans to watch the film where and when they wanted, a partnership with Uber enabled fans to request a ride in a fleet of Mr. Robot "repair vans," which carried VR headsets playing the film. The experience was brought to consumers in the Downtown San Diego area, making Mr. Robot the first VR experience available "on demand," and making Uber an unexpected VR distribution platform.

The Comic-Con premiere and activations deliberately offered many "sharable" moments—from the spectacle of the world's largest simulcast with the show's cast, to the wow-factor of the Mr. Robot Computer Repair Shop pop-up, to the surprise-and-delight of the Uber partnership—that encouraged fans to share their experiences on social media. The fans' social sentiment and engagement helped drive awareness, generate buzz and build momentum for the VR film's eventual wide release on other social and digital platforms.



USA Network, NBCUniversal

Sam Esmail

Creative Director
Chris Milk

Executive Producers
Patrick Milling-Smith, Chris Milk, Samantha Storr, Jon Cotton

Line Producer
Francesca Lentini, Chad Hamilton

Director of Photography
Maryse Alberti

Livio Sanchez

Sound Design
Q Department



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