A daredevil researcher’s latest quest: to restore sight lost to glaucoma using virtual reality

By Rebecca Robbins

When most volunteers watch the footage — all while having their heart rate, sweating, breathing, pupil size, and body posture measured — they will most likely have no idea of all that went into capturing it.

In the case of the shark footage, Huberman teamed up with an A-list photographer named Michael Muller, who has a passion for photographing sharks in the wild. Their team has twice boarded a research vessel for a 22-hour voyage out into the Pacific Ocean to spend a few days out on the crystal-clear water off the coast of Guadalupe Island.

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Burger King Deviously Explains Net Neutrality

by Tim Nudd

Would you pay more to keep the fast in fast food?

On the heels of its brilliant anti-bullying spot last year, Burger King has found another cause it can get behind, and promote with a clever in-store stunt—net neutrality.

Net neutrality is a complicated topic to explain, which is where Burger King came in with a meaty metaphor. It set up a social experiment at a BK location—with a hidden-camera setup not unlike that of the anti-bullying spot—and taught Whopper buyers a memorable lesson. In the video below, see how real customers reacted to being charged more for the same quick-serve Whopper—or, for the regular price, having to wait longer for a Whopper as BK employees intentionally, and seemingly pointlessly, slow down their service…

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Gabrielle Brown
‘Dispatch’ Heads to Sundance 2018

As the intersection of art and technology grows more crowded, Sundance Institute showcases a curated collection of cutting-edge independent experimental media works by creators who are pushing the artistic development of the new mediums of VR, AR, mixed reality (MR) and AI. The 2018 edition of New Frontier at the Sundance Film Festival offers some of the most innovative independent production and experimentation at the crossroads of film, art and technology that is being created today. Programmers assembled an international slate of VR, MR, and AI from a mix of invitations and submissions to an open call for VR work earlier this year.

Dispatch / U.S.A. (Lead Artist: Edward Robles) — A small-town police dispatcher faces the greatest challenge of his career during an all-night crime spree. Cast: Martin Starr, Julianna Guill, Graham Shiels, Beth Grant, Samuel Stricklen, Kelly Jenrette.

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DispatchGabrielle Brown
With Dispatch, Here Be Dragons pushes narrative VR storytelling in bold new directions

by Jonathan Shieber

Dispatch, a gorgeous, harrowing 24-minute experiment in narrative storytelling created by the acclaimed studio Here Be Dragons, which uses virtual reality in novel ways, may be one of the most interesting steps on the path to creating VR’s own narrative language.

The short, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year, is now available through the Oculus store on both the Rift and the Gear. The first three episodes are available now and the fourth and final installment will be released at a later date.


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DispatchGabrielle Brown
Addison O’Dea talks Discovery, Google VR’s “Discovery TRVLR”

by Daniele Alcinii

It was April of this year when director Addison O’Dea received a phone call from executives at Discovery Channel and Here Be Dragons, the virtual and augmented reality studio from Patrick Milling-Smith and Chris Milk.

That phone call would result in a months-long whirlwind of activity in the field to capture, in 360-degree video, a “visceral travel experience” that dives into a myriad of cultures and subcultures from across all seven continents.

The end result is an immersive 38-episode, seven-chapter series titled Discovery TRVLR that was produced in tandem by Discovery VR and Google’s VR team.

The series centers around a “Guru, Renegade, Entertainer or Explorer” in each environment as they pull the curtain back on varying rituals, unique traditions and life-threatening quests that encompass their culture. O’Dea says the series is “almost like an invitation because none of what we do is really on the traditional path for a guest.”

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TRVLRGabrielle Brown
David Richards, Kamila Prokop join Here Be Dragons

By Daniele Alcinii

Patrick Milling-Smith and Chris Milk’s virtual and augmented reality studio, Here Be Dragons, has bolstered its producing team with the appointments of David Richards and Kamila Prokop joining as executive producers.

In her new role, Prokop (pictured, left) will manage branded entertainment and grow the digital studio’s talent roster, while Richards will work across the mediums that Here Be Dragons currently encompasses.

Previously, Prokop co-founded Maven Label, a talent agency representing industry leaders in content production, post and music, and specializing in commercials and branded content. Maven Label’s clients included The Russo Brothers, Kahlil Joseph and Dougal Wilson, among others.

Richards , meanwhile, previously developed content through client and brand partnerships for such companies such Nike, Apple, Geico and Walmart. Richards has received Emmy and Webby Awards nominations for the Intel- and Toshiba-made web series The Power Inside.

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Gabrielle Brown
Discovery And Google Team On 38-Episode VR Series ‘Discovery TRVLR’

by Greg Evans

Discovery Communications and Google are teaming on the launch of Discovery TRVLR, an immersive, ambitious 38-episode virtual reality travel series that explores cultures across the globe through a “360-degree storytelling experience.”

“Discovery’s viewers look to us for innovation and expect to be taken places that satisfy their desire for exploration and adventure,” said Rebecca Howard, SVP Emerging Platforms and Partnerships at Discovery VR. “Like Discovery, Google’s VR team shares a passion for VR storytelling, and we are thrilled to partner with them on Discovery TRVLR, our most ambitious endeavor to date.”

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TRVLRGabrielle Brown