Kite & Lightning: ‘We’re Happy People’s First Time VR Experiences Have Been with Senza Penso’


By Kevin Joyce

Los Angeles studio Kite & Lightning has developed a level of appreciation in the virtual reality (VR) community that many small studios might find intimidating. Every update from the three-man team is highlighted as a new chapter for VR, and with the quality of their output few could argue that this reaction is unwarranted. Co-founder Ikrima Elhassan is clearly appreciative of the attention the studio has been given, modest in the suggestion that they are a studio laying the path for others to follow.

VRFocus has met with Kite & Lightning on many occasions, however at PAX Prime, Seattle, back in August the team had the privilege of being hosted by Epic Games. Elhassan was thankful for the opportunity, but also to the core VR community for helping them reach such heights.

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