Chris Milk’s “The Treachery of Sanctuary” Unveiled At London’s Digital Revolution

The Trechery of Sancuary (1).jpg

By Kevin Holmes

Commissioned in 2012 for The Creators Project's San Francisco event, Chris Milk’s The Treachery of Sanctuary first debuted inside a giant Fort Mason pavilion. Tomorrow in London, a major digital art exhibition launches at the Barbican Centre, that features The Treachery of Sanctuary with a special, reactive sound design accompaniment by Mira Calix. Digital Revolutionthe so-called survey of practitioners in the various fields of tech-art, has tons to see—both retro and modern—across the genres of art, design, music, film and video games.

The Treacher of Sanctuary is composed of three white monolithic screens sitting above a black reflective pool, visitors are invited to the pool's edge, where their shadows appear on the first screen before dissolving into a flock of fluttering birds. On the second panel, the birds appear again, this time pecking away at and consuming the spectator's spectre. In their shadows on the third screen, the participant is bestowed with wings.

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