The New York Times Spotlights Virtual Reality Video at NewFronts


By Emma Bazilian

The morning’s biggest announcement spotlighted the Times’ early experimentation with virtual reality, which video GM Rebecca Howard, who first experienced VR at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, raved about as “the next frontier of visual storytelling.”

For its first foray into VR, the Times enlisted director Chris Milk and his production company, Vrse, to document the work of French artist JR, who created the latest New York Times Magazine cover. The video, Walking New York, was co-directed by Milk, JR and Zach Richter. (Attendees were invited to use Google Cardboard headsets throughout the venue to get a first look at the video.) According to the magazine’s editor, Jake Silverstein, the Times will continue working with Vrse on VR projects.

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Gabrielle Brown