New Frontier Exhibition at Sundance Focuses on the Future


By Jessica Gelt

Sitting at her desk in a darkened office, Shari Frilot picks up a boxy piece of cardboard fitted with two bulbous glass lenses. She lifts a crude cardboard flap and inserts her smartphone in front of the lenses, securing it in place with Velcro. This new virtual-reality system is called Google Cardboard. It sells for about $20, but 8,000 of them will be given out at the Sundance Film Festival this year so that guests can experience three art installations.

Sundance may be best known as the place to discover top independent films, but the festival’s New Frontier exhibition curated by Frilot has cultivated its own reputation, emerging as the go-to source for the kind of cutting-edge cinematic innovations found at the crossroads of art, filmmaking and multimedia technology.

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