Now You Can Sit In The Middle Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ History

Seinfeld Recent Work.jpg

By Kase Wickman

A new virtual reality offering from Samsung’s Edge 4 and Oculus allows users to sit in the actual center of the action at the show and experience Seinfeld’s bit from the live show, complete with celebrity audience questions.

If you watch from the vantage point that I did in the new virtual reality experience, you’re perched atop a camera in the center of the studio. All angles were shot from the spot during the monologue, meaning you can not only watch Seinfeld deliver his jokes and audience members like Dakota Johnson ask questions, you can also watch Dakota Johnson in the moment before the cameras turn to her so she can ask her question. You can also watch the cue card team rushing around below you, the monitors playing the show back in the monitors high above the stage, a tuxedoed gentleman who may or may not be Lorne Michaels lurking in the shadows, watching — anything. It’s a 360 view, and you could go through the experience dozens of times, focusing on something different and seeing something new every time.

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