The New York Times And Here Be Dragons Create Take Flight VR Experience

Take Flight (1).jpg

By Peter Graham

Virtual reality (VR) production studio Here Be Dragons, which has collaborated with The New York Times (NYT) on Walking NY and The Displaced, has teamed up with the newspaper for a third experience called Take Flight

The VR experience takes the viewer up into a night-sky tableau, directed by creator Daniel Askill. Co-produced by it was shot on a soundstage using the company’s camera technology, the performers were then captured individually and placed within the 360-degree space.

Askill said in a statement: “I’m definitely a convert to the incredible potential of Virtual Reality after working on this project for the New York Times. The visceral response that people of all different backgrounds have when given the chance to try this new technology is undeniable. One of my favourite responses to ‘Take Flight’ was from the superintendent of the apartment I stay in downtown NYC. He’s a tough, no nonsense dude, but when he removed the headset, he almost had tears in his eyes and was completely blown away. There is something so magical about the idea of being to be able to lift up off the ground, free of gravity. It is at once playful and childlike but also profound and transcendent.”

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