The One Prediction At TED That Will Really Come True

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 5.16.19 PM.png

By Marcus Wohlsen

Along with the sheer power of the experience, I was also deeply struck by how it had all taken place on equipment that was merely consumer grade. The headphones were just headphones, the smartphone just a smartphone. The software running the system came from Facebook-owned Oculus. I can only imagine what the experience of Oculus’ own dedicated VR rig must feel like.

But more than anything, my experience of VR moved me as a parent. When you have little kids, or even medium-sized ones, the advent of new technology takes on an added dimension. For someone my age, a PC is a technology I will always take for granted—I don’t know a world that doesn’t have them. By that same standard, a smartphone will always be a kind of novelty, no matter how used to them I get. For a lot of elementary school-aged kids today, a smartphone is to them like a PC is to me. And VR could soon join the list of tech that melts my brain but to them just feels normal.

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