This Ebola Documentary Shows VR Film’s Radical Potential


By Angela Watercutter

“I remember the fear—the fear people had of me,” Davis says in a voiceover discussing her own time fighting the disease. “They were too scared to even touch me. And I was scared of my own child. I was scared of the man I loved. Forgive me, Lord. Forgive me.”

Davis’ words are hard to hear, but they’re even harder to hear as the sights and sounds of of her world swim around you. And in Waves of Grace, a collaboration between VR studio Vrse and the United Nations that’s out today on theVrse app, that’s just what they do. Davis, an Ebola survivor who uses her immunity to work with children orphaned by the disease, is our guide through the country, but she is also an educator—teaching her own community and anyone who watches Waves that survivors pose no threat to the public.

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