U2 and Apple Music Launch First VR Music Video and Bus Experience


By Jonathan Nafarrete

Fans arriving to see U2 at London’s O2 music venue this Sunday got to board an entirely different type of tour bus from those usually reserved for the band.

In a partnership between U2, Apple Music, and Vrse creator Chris Milk, “The Experience Bus” is an open invitation for fans to board and experience the latest virtual reality music video for U2’s “Song for Someone.”

Participants who found themselves on the bus were greeted with multiple headset stations where they could don an Oculus Rift and headphones to get the full VR experience.

The VR music video is a visual interpretation of U2’s “Song for Someone” where the viewer starts on stage with U2 and transitions to locations around the world to watch other fans sing along with the band. Besides filming U2 in multiple locations, it would appear that the Vrse crew took 360 camera rigs to film the other segments of the music video from inside the homes of U2 fans.

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