Virtual Viewing: Patrick Milling-Smith on Turning Film Sets into Virtual Reality Experiences


By Lucy Ingham

Having developed deeply immersive and moving journalism content with the New York Times and VR music videos with Apple Music for bands including Muse and U2, alongside many other groundbreaking projects, is one of the most important producers of VR film content in the world today.

“It is the Wild West right now, but I think that’s the exciting bit about it,” says president and partner of Patrick Milling Smith.  “We’re trying to create a language of cinema and we’re trying to do that fast, and you either get it right, or people are sick. So the stakes are quite high. But I think pretty much everybody that experiences a good piece of VR wants to jump in and be involved.”

So what can we expect from VR film? We caught up with Milling Smith to find out.

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