VR Films Are Going to Be All
Over Sundance in 2015


Next moth, a giant industry gathering is going to be flooded with virtual-reality experiences: the Birdly flight simulator; something that lets users confront a kaiju attack; an Oculus Rift-enabled spin on combat training; even a VR installation that lets you go to a college party. But this isn't the line-up for CES—it's the Sundance Film Festival.

So, what's in the offing? For starters, Chris Milk is back with a collaboration he did with VFX firm Digital Domain and production house VRSE.works called Evolution of Verse, a CGI "journey from beginning to new beginning" using Cardboard. Then there's Kaiju Fury!, which puts you in a city as monsters are about to lay it to waste. Peña's Project Syria will explore VR's potential as a documentary tool—putting viewers on the ground in the war-torn country to show the effects of the conflict there on children. Artists Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël will also be showing a series of live-action experiences, including one that lets users sit in the room while a pianist works on music. [Ed.—They brought this to SXSW last year, and it remains one of the most surprisingly intimate experiences we've seen on the Rift.]

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