Vrse Readies a Production Farm for Experimental VR Works


By Edgar Alvarez

Virtual reality is in the midst of an ongoing renaissance, sparking incredible interest from all along the spectrum, including tech giants like Facebook, young startups, big movie studios and independent filmmakers. With that in mind, Vrse, a new production company in the VR space, has taken to Sundance 2015 to reveal its big ambitions for this immersive technology. And it all starts with Evolution of Verse, a 3.5-minute short film featuring a computer-generated landscape setting and other visual effects that are designed to push the envelope of virtual reality.

Over the past couple of days in Utah, I’ve been asked several times: “What does virtual reality have to do with Sundance?” Granted, that was brought up by people who don’t necessarily keep up with the technology and film industries. Still, the question isn’t without merit. To a certain degree though, this year’s New Frontier event, an exhibit for creators tofeature unordinary storytelling during the festival, is where you’ll find the answer to that inquiry. It was there that platforms like the Oculus Rift were born, while more recently, works like Birdly, a virtual reality flight simulator, look to reach new audiences and showcase how science can interact with technology. With its VR experiments, VRSE hopes to make a big impact in the burgeoning space.

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