Vrse.works Helms Muse’s First VR Music Video


By Peter Graham

Vrse.works the virtual reality (VR) production company behind horror experience Catatonic, which recently launched on iOS has now revealed its latest project. Created in partnership with Apple Music and directed by Guy Shelmerdine, is a 360 degree immersive music video experience for British rock band Muse.

The VR experience has been created for Muse’s new single Revolt from their latest album Drones. It was shot on location in Prague ith the tory and aesthetic buil round the themes contained within Drones. The video is set within a dystopian future, where rebel women fight against cold cyborg riot police. Shelmerdine weaves the story through the point of view (POV) of drones, hovering above (and interacting with) the mayhem. The result is a sweeping, cyber-punk VR experience.

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