Here Be Dragons And Samsung Bring
Some Holiday Spirit With The Night Before


By Peter Graham

Christmas is almost upon us and HERE BE DRAGONS, a specialist virtual reality (VR) production studio (formerly, has created a new immersive experience for Samsung called The Night Before in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Deluxe VR.

Themed around the holidays, The Night Before transports viewers to the North Pole aboard Santa’s sleigh, where he then journey’s around the globe spreading Christmas joy.

“The Night Before feels like a defining moment in cinematic and narrative storytelling for virtual reality, and we’re very proud of how Nima Nourizadeh and team – through Wieden + Kennedy Portland’s charming story – captured the magic and spirit of Christmas,” said Patrick Milling-Smith, partner & president of HERE BE DRAGONS. “We hope that intertwining the wonderment of VR with our version of Santa’s busy night creates a timeless experience for all ages to enjoy.”

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