The One Take 360° Music Video Experience of OneRepublic


By Jonathan Nafarrate

The same VR studio that brought U2’s “Song for Someone” to life as a virtual reality music video with Apple Music has released a new immersive music experience — this time with a group of younger artists and completely void of cuts.

With over 100 perfectly choreographed actors and a VR camera on a cable rig, Chris Milk’s studio Here Be Dragons created a VR experience for fans that brings them closer than ever to the multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated band OneRepublic, who coincidentally enough has cited U2 as heavy influences on their music.

In a smooth and a quite beautiful way, the entire experience was captured in one take, making use of a cable camera system where the Nokia OZO shuttles back and forth between a girl and a boy living in opposite apartments. Directed by Here Be Dragons’ Hal Kirkland, the story follows the two teenagers as they witness each others’ lives through their windows. Their neighborly proximity pushes them to compete for dominance in a kind of romantic encounter, all while OneRepublic assembles for a jam session in the courtyard below.

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