Virtual Reality, Brand Immersion, And The Power Of Making Memories

gp-vr-promo-jumbo-v3 (1).jpg

By Patrick Milling Smith

Whether it’s Guinness inviting us to feel the anticipation of a well-deserved pint, Under Armour the excitement of competition, or Audi the thrill of revving the throttle on a tightly executed gear shift, marketing briefs that seek to map and provoke empathy are much closer to how agencies are starting to think about brand shortcuts to audience attention, to break through the communications clutter.

A brand experience has more impact than brand communication alone. If your brand is a story, then traditional advertising provides the basic structure of the narrative, but experiences are the high points of dramatic action. Virtual reality offers a uniquely immersive and scalable platform to deliver visceral brand experiences that will augment the rest of the marketing spend.

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