GE Just Launched a Branded Virtual Reality Series About Science


By Marty Swant

GE, hoping to bridge a storyline between science and art, has just debuted a new documentary miniseries in virtual reality.

This week, the tech company released the first of five films that aim to show a different side of innovation beyond just labs. Shot by Here Be Dragons, the series—"The Possible"—aims to let people see the possibilities of science and tech within real-world settings. The films let viewers cruise across salt atop land speeders, fly high in the air on hoverboards and walk through the woods and in the lab with robots built by Boston Dynamics. (The first film," Hello Robot," debuted today on Within, an app that houses VR content from Here Be Dragons, The New York Times, United Nations, Vice and others.)

As a collaborator of the series, each film also comes with a post-roll companion VR film showing how GE helps "make the impossible, 'unimpossible.'"

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