Take A Ride In Santa’s Sleigh With This Samsung VR Experience


by Jonathan Nafarrete

It’s the night before Christmas and Santa’s workshop is busier than ever. While Santa’s Little Helpers pack the sleigh full of presents, a nice elf buckles you into the sleigh’s sidecar, readying you for one epic ride we all wish we could have taken growing up as kids.

And before you know it, Santa yelps “giddy up boys” and we’re off! From the Pyramids of Egypt to a zero-gravity float in space, this is one VR experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and if you’re in select cities, you can try it out yourself too.

Launched on Friday, “The Night Before” is an immersive look at a classic holiday moment. Created in collaboration with Samsung and Here Be Dragons, you strap on a Gear VR headset and take a sleigh ride atop pneumatic seats. The roller coaster like row of seats move with each twist and turn, fitting up to four people at a time. And with synced VR experiences, you can squeal and holler together, making this one immersive experience for the whole family.

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