VR Series ‘Dispatch’ Debuts at Venice Film Festival



by Rebecca Hills-Duty

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content studio Here Be Dragons have announced a new VR miniseries titled Dispatch, which will make its debut at the Venice Film Festival.

The new miniseries puts the audience in the shoes of a police dispatcher, a demanding role which involves receiving calls for help from the public. Often those calls contain the worst of humanity, with tales of violence and desperation commonplace. The the four-episode series, a protagonist, Ted, finds himself in a position where he is the only one able to help a victim, no longer sheltered by the distance of a voice down a phone line.

Dispatch is written and directed by Edward Robles and features Martin Starr, Julianna Guill and Graham Shiels.

“We created Dispatch to embrace the most compelling elements of virtual reality to make the experience as dramatic and entertaining as possible,” said Robles. “With a gripping narrative, immersive audio, and strong visual cues, Dispatch gives the viewer an up-close experience with what first responders go through on a daily basis.”

Here Be Dragons have previously worked on VR and 360-degree projects such as The Protectors: Walk in the Rangers Shoes and The Possible. Content from the studio has seen appearances at Sundance Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival, often receiving critical praise.

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