Director Michael Muller Makes VR Splash At Tribeca


By Robert Goldrich

Director Muller brings unique visual sensibilities to the VR experience as he is among the crème de la crème of still photographers with a body of work over 30-plus years spanning posters for movies that collectively have generated some $15 billion worth of box office (for such Marvel blockbusters as The Avengers, Captain America, and the Iron Man and X-Men franchises), platinum-selling album covers for the likes of Rihanna and Red Hot Chili Peppers, campaigns for Range Rover, Nike and Speedo, among assorted other marquee brands, and personal projects documenting everything from motorcycle gangs to sci-fi movie fans.

Jules Daly, president of RSA Films, was drawn to Muller’s work and brought him into the company fold a couple of years ago for commercials and branded content. “She’s been a champion of me as a director,” said Muller. “But directing had not been my focus despite being on their roster.” 

That focus, however, changed with the advent of VR and Muller became intrigued by the opportunity to break new ground in that arena.

“If I had wanted to be a director, I would have dedicated myself to that 30 years ago,” said Muller. “I instead chose photography. But VR came along as a brand new blank canvas--there were no Spielbergs or Scorseses yet so it’s still the Wild West. There are no rules. It’s what sparked for me the idea of actively directing.”

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