The Night Before, an immersive virtual reality experience presented by Samsung and Wieden + Kennedy Portland, lets viewers ride shotgun with a bumbling Santa who on Christmas Eve decides to take a joyride past the Pyramids and through Tokyo before making a delivery, but after fiddling with his controls accidentally ends up in outer space - showing us what flying reindeer do in zero gravity. But thanks to the ingnenuity of his little helper, an elf named Pepper, he gets back on track and safely returns to his workshop.


Anyone in New York and L.A. got to experience The Night Before via Samsung Gear VR with a 4D virtual reality experience sleigh ride with Santa.

The sleigh experience took place at Herald Square in New York City, The Grove in Los Angeles and Samsung 837, the brand's digital center in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, for the month of December. 




Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Group Creative Director
Craig Allen

Creative Directors
Micah Walker, Tim Roan

Art Director
Rob Kendall

Derek Synel

EP/Creative Executives
Stephen Bell, Christian G Johnsen, J Brettvanderlmale

Integrated Production Director
Mike Davidson

Creative Development
Angie Sun



Nima Nourizadeh Reel