TOMS first-ever Virtual Giving Trip, offers a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to give shoes to children through their One for One program.

From soaring over a Peruvian village to playing on a school playground with kids, viewers will truly feel as though they are on a Giving Trip with the TOMS team. The virtual reality experience was produced by Here Be Dragons and allows viewers to take the TOMS Giving Trip journey anywhere they have access to wifi and a screen.


Virtual Giving Trip was experienced in all of TOMS outposts worldwide allowing customers to spend time with the people who receive their support. Being the first retailer to place VR in its stores has given the brand a lasting competitive advantage and granted their customers the opportunity to participate in TOMS' tradition of giving. This initial in-store activation was so successful that TOMS decided to extend the experience across its outlets and eventually shared the film across the internet.




Jon Watts

Executive Producers
Patrick Milling-Smith, Chris Milk, Brian Carmody, Samantha Storr, Tamsin Glasson

Creative Director
Chris Milk

Line Producer
Susan Hebert

Director of Photography
Ian Doss

Andrew Hasse, Megan Brooks

Sound Mixer
Robert Kennedy

Peruvian Service Company
Paqta Productions

VR Camera Technician
Kate Wurzbacher

Interactive Binaural Sound Designer
Jeffrey Anderson

Sound Designer
Eddie Kim




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