Created in collaboration with Discovery VR and Google and produced by Here Be Dragons, the episodic VR documentary Discovery TRVLR is an unprecedented first-hand exploration into the power of culture and diversity. The 38-episode series navigates all seven continents across the globe through the lens of four archetypes: Renegades, Gurus, Explorers, and Entertainers. The approach to photography and storytelling allows viewers access to several seldom-observed customs and ceremonies of each character like never before. The result communicates the power of diversity and highlights uniqueness. Each story is ultimately connected to the next by the human spirit, allowing viewers to realize what connects us around the globe.


Discovery TRVLR  first ventures to Mexico City, followed by Auckland, Hanoi, Cape Town, Yerevan, and the South American city of La Paz where director Addison O’Dea captures the story of an adventurous, convention defying-Renegade; a Guru offering expertise & imparting initiations; an Explorer with a practical mission uncovering special, little known places & people, and an Entertainer attracting crowds in a variety of ways. Discovery TRVLR initiates the journey with a striking sunrise and concludes the exploration into every city with a stunning sunset, completing the cycle of a single day.

The production process began in 2017, when the team at Here Be Dragons and Discovery began a vigorous search around the globe to find unique people to tell their stories on camera. The epic series was shot in stereoscopic video with the Google Yi Halo, a camera that was not yet available to the public at the time of shooting. The production also made use of a variety of rigging techniques, mobility and stabilization methods capturing footage from ziplines, to underground caves, producing never-before-seen, all-encompassing imagery of these vibrant environments & cities.



Discovery VR

Addison O'Dea

SVP Emerging Platforms & Partnerships at Discovery
Rebecca Howard

Head of VR Content Dev & Programming at Discovery
Jeffrey Abramson

Executive Producers
Patrick Milling-Smith, Mamta Trivedi, Fredrik Frizell, Samantha Storr

Project Executive Producer
Melissa Roldan

Field Producer
Ari Palitz

Director of Photography
Kate Wurzbacher




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